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"The modernity of the technological base and the business expertise of the team are two essential factors for successfully addressing the challenges of credit distribution in the next decade."

Thibaut Ravisé


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"TheLoanFactory solution has a great capacity of customization which requires a good level of expertise on the platform configuration. Thanks to the support of the project team, which is available and responsive, different workflows have been configured to meet our strategic development ambitions."

Laurent Bourguignat

Director of Strategic Development and Partnerships

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TheLoanFactory is the first platform multi-languagechannelproductregulationeverything

Build the lending platform of the future in a heartbeat by configuring performing front-end, middle-office, back-office and servicing workflows, all in one place.

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TheLoanFactory in numbers

1 unique code
15+ countries in production
6 to 12 months for deployment
1.5+ million of loans applications processed
Performances maintained with 10x peaks of volumes during high season
10+ languages deployed

Future-proof solutions built to create powerful financing experiences

Whether you are looking to replace your current legacy system, to start a new activity, or somewhere in between, discover our solutions here

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Complex lending problems require tailor-made solutions

Circeo delivers a white-labelled turnkey Core Lending Platform, covering distribution, subscription and servicing activities, tailor-made to your needs. Define your scope, go live, and gain full autonomy to continuously improve, adapt, and scale your activities like never before.

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Plug & Play

Plug & Play solutions powered by TheLoanFactory

Answer to your business and IT challenges


Decision engine

Configure through graphical interfaces andarisk-specialised BPMN edior, without writing lines of code.

Alternative offers

Apply risk-based pricing, counter proposals in case of refusal related to borrower’s solvency.

Unlimited risk strategies

Configure scoring and decision strategies such as champion challenger, risk-based pricing, scorecards, alerts, and more through a powerful BPMN editor.

Full control over all areas of risk

Set up score, rules, budget solvency, Credit Bureau, AML/PEP and external databases checks, open banking, etc.

Supporting documents

Define and automate supporting document alerts according to risk profiles.


Support for E-KYC functions through off-the-shelf integrated third-party services.

Open banking module

For processing and transformation of raw financial transactions into meaningful ratios, real-time estimation of borrower’s affordability and risk, open banking score model, credit rules and underwriter dashboard.


Define configurable actions for underwriting. Document verification functions and integration with third-party services for automated verification.


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