A core lending platform compatible with all banking architectures. Enhance your legacy and integrate a scaling fintech ecosystem.

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A core lending system at the centre of your  financing activities

By providing a unified interface for accessing and managing APIs, TheLoanFactory simplifies the process of integrating and managing different components within the banking ecosystem. This helps to streamline development and deployment processes, and makes it easier to incorporate new services and features into your lending management solution.

How TheLoanFactory's technologies interact

Main features

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API gateway

Complete separation of the API layer from the core. APIs exposed in a specific layer.
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Data mapping

Transformer module for converting and mapping data via a graphical interface.
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Control of multiple technologies and communication protocols

Web Services (SOAP, REST) – Synchronous; Messaging (JMS, AMQP) – Asynchronous; And more exotic methods: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TCP,UDP, JDBC, File.
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Certified ISO 27001

This certification ensures that TheLoanFactory has been designed and implemented with robust security controls to protect against unauthorised access, data breaches, and other security threats.
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Robust authentication protocols

Supports multiple authentication and permission methods and identity providers. Enable users to access the solution with a single set of credentials, simplify password management and reduce the risk of unauthorised access via SSO.
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Scalability and availability

Handle fluctuations in demand and ensure that the system is always available and responsive to users, even during peak periods Also includes: redundant servers, disaster recovery plans, and full-scale monitoring and alerts operations.
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Hosted in IBM Cloud for Financial Services™

The solution is hosted in a private cloud and provides data security, regulatory compliance, and infrastructure optimisation specifically designed for financial services industry. Build and deploy anywhere through private cloud deployment option.
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