Are you looking to expand your lending portfolio with lightning time-to-market?

Circeo introduces a set of smart solutions powered by TheLoanFactory ready to be deployed with the latest technologies from Open Banking assessment to KYC automatic checks. Discover how these solutions can fit into your product portfolio and benefit from reduced costs of implementation.

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Finance new or used vehicles through a complete online channel with the power of Open Banking scoring. Easily integrate into any website merchants such as used car platforms, multi-brand platforms or car maker websites.

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Upgrade your consumer finance activities with a fully digital experience that your customers will love. This mobile-first solution integrates all the latest services to finance unknown prospects thanks to the power of Open Banking scoring and automated KYC checks.

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Say goodbye to merchant fees with this mobile-first solution to transform high-ticket POS transactions into instalment revenue generating loans, which can be either embedded into your banking application or accessed via a web browser.

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Solution to finance in-store purchases to provide flexible payments options spread in 3x, 4x or Nx instalments. Enrolment is drastically simplified and accessible through a smartphone, while the payment of purchase is done with a usual card without blocking the line for checkout.

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