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Blitz is a complete digital solution allowing to streamline personal loans to unknown prospects with the use of automatic KYC checks and a powerful scoring and decision based on open banking data.

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Highlights and key features

Minutes to complete a loan application

Minutes to complete a loan application with increased transformation rates using real-time processes.

Endless forms, no more

Limited set of data to capture for customers, they spend less time on long forms thanks to the use of open banking.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition and validation against documents covers all ID / KYC requirements, as well as AML / PEP checks performed in the background.

Scoring based on real financial behaviour

Scoring based on real financial behaviour from Open Banking avoids the need to collect traditional data.

Document recognition

Document recognition avoids unnecessary data capture by using OCR technology and scoring of documents.

Electronic signature

Electronic signature fully compliant with EU regulations.

Full digital and local requirements

No general regulation covering fully digital contracting of loan contracts exists. Blitz can be fully tailored to each country’s requirements depending on:

local requirements
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Credit bureau and other local risk management requirements
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Availability of local databases to obtain and verify address details
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Open Banking implementation levels
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Any level of electronic signature supported, based on local regulation
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KYC requirements (video chat available for countries that require it)
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Cooling off period implemented according to local regulations
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Upload of documents where required

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