Mobile-first solution for POS financing

FlexEz is a BNPL end-to-end solution to transform POS card transactions into instalment revenue generating loans. Pre-enrol customers, define your financing limits, and say goodbye to merchant fees.

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Main features

Cardholder enrolment

Cardholder enrolment establishing credit limit, affordability, and contract signing.

Simple to use

Simple to use through a mobile app / or a mobile web browser.

Works with any existing

Works with any existing debit, charge or pre-paid card, plastic, virtual or mobile.

Retailer is not involved

Retailer is not involved in the repayment options. No commission is due to the merchant.

Full end-to-end

Full end-to-end process managed by TheLoanFactory.

Generating loans from card transactions, two BNPL options

local requirements
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3x, 4x

In most EU countries loans of up to 3 months are exempted from complying with the Consumer Credit Regulation and can have a simplified process.
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Nx instalment loans

No duration limitation beyond your bank’s risk criteria. Initial on boarding/selection: underwriting, credit limit setting and affordability criteria, provision of supporting documents, contract signature, etc.

Customer journey

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